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On a mission to make a positive impact around the world, Kat’s Naturals formulates restorative CBD products that nourish the mind and body. Founded by Kat Merryfield, our company is spearheaded by an educated herbalist and nutritionist who used a decade of experience crafting natural farm-to-home goods to develop soothing remedies at Kat’s Naturals. Using only American grown organic hemp, sustainably sourced essential oils, and therapeutic energy for the plants to absorb and transfer to consumers, Kat’s Naturals makes the most healthful, organic CBD products on the market. Fueled with gratitude for the ground, we reduce packaging and materials while still offering the best CBD remedies on the market. From drops to creams, each of our products is conveniently sized to fit in our customers’ medicine cabinet, purse, or bag without compromising on effectiveness or relief.

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+1 302 613 1030