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CBD Cats & Dogs Treats

Treat Your Pets To YesKana's CBD Pet Treats!

Humans aren't the only mammals that love munching on CBD chews. Indeed, if you're a pet owner, you've probably already heard about the many benefits of feeding CBD treats to your furry friends. Pet-approved CBD products seem to have remarkably soothing effects on four-legged family members. You could see the benefits of pet-approved CBD first-hand with one of YesKana's many CBD pet treats. All of the CBD tinctures, chews, and treats on our CBD pets page have optimal doses of hemp extract for both felines and Fidos.

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CBD Treats For Dogs

Show "man's best friend" some extra love with one of YesKana's CBD dog treats. Our pooch-friendly cookies have all the flavors dogs crave with just the right amount of CBD extract. YesKana also carries a line of potent CBD tinctures for dogs who need a little extra stress relief. Whether you want to keep your canine calm or help your pup manage pain, YesKana has a CBD treat that could improve your dog's quality of life.


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CBD Treats For Cats

Felines are famously fickle, but we doubt they'll refuse one of YesKana's "purrfect" cat treats. Our professionally formulated cat chews and tinctures are terrific for tabbies. Just a tiny dose of CBD is sure to soothe even the most stressed-out scaredy-cat. CBD cat treats are also an all-natural way to add anti-inflammatory benefits to your cuddly kitten's diet.


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